BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise with Foundation Year in Business (4 Years)

BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise with Foundation Year in Business (4 Years)

The Business and Enterprise BA (Hons) program, spanning four years and including a Foundation Year in Business, is specifically designed to accommodate prospective students who may lack the necessary academic background for university-level studies. The integrated Foundation Year serves to foster academic abilities, enhance self-assurance, and familiarize students with vital concepts, discussions, and proficiencies that will serve as a foundation for their second, third, and fourth years of undergraduate study.

Throughout the course, students will delve into various aspects of business, encompassing objectives, practices, and principles. They will engage in case study research, attend lectures, participate in workshops, and partake in student-led activities. Topics covered will include supply chain and logistics, production and project management, business organization, human resources, and the principles of leadership. Furthermore, students will examine the contemporary business landscape, exploring how technology advancements impact the growth of start-up businesses while emphasizing sustainability and addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by small enterprises. To reinforce their learning, students will develop their own ideas and business plans, utilizing a combination of lectures, workshops, coursework, and collaborative group work.

Students will advance to the fourth level of the degree program after completing the foundation year. At this stage, they will acquire fundamental knowledge in business planning and development, with a focus on understanding finance and marketing within a business context. They will learn the art of formulating effective business strategies, making financial projections, delivering persuasive presentations, identifying customers and clients, and exploring international markets for business expansion. The program takes a practical, vocational approach, enabling students to apply their business and enterprise skills through hands-on assessments, such as creating a start-up business and generating their income stream as part of their degree. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to cultivate their entrepreneurial abilities through a significant consultancy project in their final year. Collaborating with peers, they will work on developing new business ideas and provide business consultancy services, compiling reports and delivering recommendations.

Overall, it gives students the information, abilities, and experience needed to succeed in the business and industry world. By fusing academic theory with practical applications, this extensive program empowers students with the skills they’ll need to take advantage of opportunities and overcome problems throughout their careers.

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